Ford Mears - Direct– In hours transfer into our care (within 10 miles, Monday-Friday, 08.30-17.00) by trained funeral professionals.
– Office appointment with your local funeral director for completing paperwork.
– A plain coffin for cremation.
– Ashes to be collected in person from the crematorium or scattered in the grounds unwitnessed.
– 24hr telephone service.
– Advice on registration.
– Cremation will be held at a crematorium of our choice.
– Transfer to a crematorium in a suitable vehicle on a day and time of our choice.
– No viewing of the deceased or use of our chapel of rest.
– No funeral procession, minister or officiant.
– No mourners attendance or funeral service.
– No embalming.
– No donations.
– No additions available with this option.
– Out of hours removal, an additional £175.00.

Price £1950.00

(Including disbursements, these are the Doctors and Crematorium fee)
Payment MUST be made in full at time of arrangement